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15 states want to leave the union.

To be fair, the petitions were file by citizens, but they have gained attention.

Just as an FYI to those people who think this is a good idea. Ain’t gonna happen. Just because your candidate lost the election doesn’t mean you should form your own country.


The great nation of Petoria! Located conveniently next to Joehio.

The great nation of Petoria! Located conveniently next to Joehio.


So what recourse do these states have? States such as Texas who has some citizens that  feel that their state could function as a country?


Well believe it or not these states do possess the right to secede from the union. The process to do so however would be long and hard. You would essentially have to convince your entire states population of your actions. The leaders in the state probably wouldn’t get past that hurdle though, let alone anything more complicated than that.


We live in a different age now. One where communication is worldwide and instant. Unlike the southern states in the 1800′s, we can’t just up and declare ourselves independent and then start from there with state militias making up our army.


So to anyone wanting to break off from America, keep wanting. It’s going to be a long time until there is a different number of stars on that flag.


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Not sure we could get away with this but I'm willing to try.




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